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Our Adoption Process

We take great care to match the right golden into the right home.  Therefore, we use the following steps* to help us achieve this goal.

  1. Interested parties must submit a completed and signed adoption application. The form is downloadable here, or you may contact us to send you one if necessary.  When filling out the form, in addition to answering the provided questions please include a candid & detailed description of the golden you envision adding to your home, the lifestyle you have in mind for it, and the level of effort you're willing to invest. All of these factors are important when determining which golden would blend best with you and your home.

  2. Your application is received and reviewed.  Upon application approval, we will contact you with any additional questions and to discuss the dog we feel would be a great match. If no match is available, we will inform you of this and notify you when one arrives.

  3. A home visit and play date are scheduled.  This is an in-person visit where everyone in your family will meet the dog in question and observe how the dog will respond to your environment.  We conduct a safety check of the home to verify that there are no possible routes of escape, no dangerous items/plants accessible, and that all existing pets will get along with the potential adoptee.  This visit is approximately 1-1/2 hours.

  4. Adoption is finalized.  If all parties agree that the match is a success, then the adoption is completed at that time and the family takes possession of their new golden!

* These steps may be modified to allow for geographical and scheduling variables.

Note:  Submittal of an application does NOT guarantee an adoption!

Please note that all incoming applications are reviewed as soon as possible, however this process does not result in an immediate adoption.  If you have submitted an application and are awaiting a response, please contact us via e-mail ( or phone at (661) 944-1140 to inquire about the status of your submittal.

ATTENTION:  Please remember that the folks performing the home checks and play dates are doing this on their own time, at their own expense.  Volunteers may schedule multiple visits over one weekend, so please be honest about your ability and intentions re: adopting a golden retriever.  If you are not planning to adopt at this time, be candid about this from the start.  We will be more than happy to work with you when the time arrives and once you've decided that a golden retriever is, in fact, the right breed for you.

Thank you, - Wanda Pickett, Founder/Director

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