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Fosters who have found their permanent homes - page 2

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JR.jpg (26819 bytes)PICCOLO: Now known as Harley, was an owner turn-in because they were moving and could not take him along. This darling, petite, neutered, 1-year old Golden-mix is absolutely precious!  The tail on this 30-lb., blond boy seems as if it has been wagging nonstop.  Friendly, frisky, and all around fun, this little guy stole the hearts of Bill and Shelle in Saugus, CA who had recently lost the second of their two, wonderful Goldens.  These days, little Harley spends his time romping on the beach with his new family, taking them on walks, car rides, or snuggling up for some warm hugs.  Harley has given them a new reason to laugh and love each day! Update:  Harley brought his humans over for a visit and ran circles around our Virginia, but was no match for my little gal, Ginger!  All parties had a wonderful time & at the end of the visit this little guy went home both exhausted & content.


BARRON: Was originally an owner surrender. This 6-year old, active, playful fellow returned to our program due to changes in his first adopting mom's lifestyle. Housebroken, friendly, and proud, he mostly wants to be near his people. His favorite activity is, of course, a rousing game of fetch! With his handsome face and winning personality, Scott & Theresa of El Segundo, CA felt that Barron was the perfect companion for their family, including a friend to their 13-year old Golden, Bruisie. So far, Barron has gone camping, swimming in Bass Lake, chased his fair share of ducks, and is now delighting the neighborhood children with his playful self!  Bruisie and he are fast becoming friends, when Barron's not following Scott, that is.  Update:  Barron graduated obedience class and has new pics on our photo album!


Nash.jpg (24520 bytes)NASH: (Brother to our beloved foster, Champ - see success stories page 1) is an owner surrender due to growliness.  Occasionally stressed and uncomfortable around other dogs, this gorgeous, blond, 2-year old, neutered Golden, is a big teddy bear with his humans, and a true water-lover! He spent a good deal of his time in the family pool wading, swimming, or just hanging out waiting for someone to throw a ball. We knew it would take a special heart to heal Nash's loneliness.  Luckily, Marty & Ruth of Newbury Park, CA, along with their five, wonderful children, fit the bill - seven times over!  Today, Nash is immersed in a sea of love, affection, and more attention than he ever imagined!  As a result, his attitude toward other canines is improving tremendously, and he'll never be in want of hugs and kisses again (which we know is what all Goldens live for).


Sport.jpg (25252 bytes)SPORT: Was picked up as a stray by animal control.  This blond/medium gold, 1-year old, neutered, male Golden is an absolute doll.  A friendly boy, he is clownish and cute - a winning combination.  He blew his puppy fuzz for a more mature coat, which was a couple shades darker than the fuzz. Upon seeing Sport, Howard and Karen of Pasadena, CA, along with their two, adorable daughters, fell in love. These days, Sport spends his days as best friends to the youngest daughter while keeping the resident cats on their toes.  Ever the ambassador, Sport has endeared himself to Granny, and keeps everyone smiling with his delightful antics and loving nature.  He's about to begin training and we expect Sport to go straight to the head of the class.  Update March 2003:  Sport spends his nights snoozing away next to Skylar, his little girl, and he spends his days chasing squirrels, playing games with the cats, and waiting on the mailman. Living a life of leisure - and enjoying it. 


Yasmine.jpg (29718 bytes)YASMINE: Now known as Lucy, is a bouncy, squeaky, frisky, Golden-mix stray from our local shelter.  This little, 3-month old female was sitting meekly in the back of the cage, not daring enough to push past her more muscular cellmates.  Once she arrived here, we were unable to suppress her excitement and enthusiasm for every person in the house.  This gal's ideal owner was declared to be someone who adores puppy breath, doggy kisses, and is willing to take her through obedience classes.  Luckily, Kelly of Cheviot Hills, CA came along and fit the bill perfectly!  One look at that adorable mug and it was instant love.  Lucy is now wiggling her way into her new owner's heart with every little squeak & kiss, as every puppy should be. Update Feb 2003: Lucy & her mom sent in some pics to share - check out the photo album page!


Weasel.jpg (31482 bytes)WEASEL: Now known as Hallie, was turned in to the shelter because her owner was ill and could no longer care for her.  This petite, gentle, spayed, housebroken, 7-year old Golden-mix is a charmer.  She weighs in at 35 lbs. and has personality enough for a Golden twice her size! Colleen of San Marcos, CA felt that Weasel was the perfect match for her home & lifestyle.  Lucky for Colleen, Weasel agreed.  Now, both of these ladies are keeping good company with each other & building a friendship that will last a lifetime.  Update:  Hallie & her mom have sent in some new pics to share, posted on our photo album page!


Zoe.jpg (24577 bytes)ZOE: Was turned in to the night-drop cage of a nearby shelter.  This beautiful, shy, spayed, 1-year old, female Golden is very timid and appears to have been mishandled by her previous owners.  Despite her cloudy past, Zoe displays every sign of a creature wanting to be affectionate and trusting. Her eagerness to trust and her gentle nature won over the hearts of Bob & Jan from Burbank, CA completely.  Already adoptive parents of our former foster, Jenna, both Bob & Jan felt that Zoe would fill out their circle of gold quite nicely and it appears that they were right!  Along with Aspen, a golden-mix, the three girls are now keeping their humans busy with hugs, pets, games of fetch, back rubs & belly rubs, and let's not forget those sloppy kisses!  Bob & Jan are up to their elbows in golden fur & loving every moment.  Update:  New pics have arrived - posted on our photo album page.  The girls look great!


Hobson.jpg (54751 bytes)BOOMER: (Originally known as Hobson) came to us as a stray from the shelter.  Gorgeous and friendly, this 3-year old, neutered, oversized baby has a true heart of Gold.  His first adoptive mom returned him to rescue after realizing she had neither the time, nor energy, to keep up with this fellow.  Along came Janet of Huntington Beach, CA, looking for an amicable, devoted, energetic Golden as a full time companion for herself & her shepherd-mix, Cheyenne.  Boomer fit the bill quite nicely, and he now spends his days wearing Cheyenne out - until Janet, or her roommate, Tim, come home - then he works on them!  Thankfully, they are all up for the task & enjoying the antics as well.  Update:  This handsome fellow posed for some wonderful, holiday pics with Cheyenne as you can see on our photo album page.


Sonny-2.jpg (17682 bytes)SONNY:  Came to us from another rescue who had received him from a prior owner.  This gentle, neutered, housebroken, 5-year old Golden is an absolute delight, getting along well with other animals & children.  However, Sonny has separation anxiety and becomes frantic & destructive when left home alone.  Patricia & Peter of Arcadia, CA happened to be looking for just such a case, wanting to adopt a golden that truly needed a patient and loving home.  Along with their two sons and Olivia, their petite, Italian Greyhound, this wonderful family is now working to help Sonny understand that he will never need to be re-homed again!  Update:  This lovely boy enjoys playing tug-of-war with Olivia, gently holding the toy for her when she loses her grip.  He is settling into his new home quite well, much to the delight of everyone.


Comet-4th Recess Lake.jpg (87032 bytes)COMET: Came from a nearby shelter and was listed as "uncontrollable & non-returnable" - an almost certain death sentence as it frightened potential adopters away!  Yet, we found this 1-year old, neutered, blond, Golden male to be a sweetheart.  Very friendly with other dogs, this fellow simply needed some obedience training - and a home where he would be an integral part of the family!  Stacey and Les of Palmdale, CA were up for the task and felt that Comet would be a perfect addition to their active household.  Now, Comet has several playmates to choose from - two teenage boys, or the cat!  Decisions, decisions... Update:  Stacey recently wrote to share some pics from Comet's forays into backpacking, and to let us know what a wonderful, delightful addition he has been to their family!  He enjoys their many outings together, and is becoming quite the trail hound these days.  See more photos here.


Orion.jpg (41942 bytes)ORION: Is a beautiful Labrador stray.  Approximately 1-year old, this playful, funny, 65 lb. boy will make a wonderful family companion.  A big time water-lover, this boy can't get enough.  We knew Orion's ideal owner would have to be someone active, strong, and yet gentle and reassuring.  Rich and Xaleese of Palmdale, CA fit the bill perfectly.  Both fell in love with this boy's handsome looks and wonderful personality.  Upon meeting their 21-month old son, Orion fell into step with the little guy and followed him around as if rediscovering a long, lost friend.  These days, Orion is enjoying the good life with a loving family and an adoring buddy...which is everything he wanted all along!  Update:  Mom loves her handsome blond and says he enjoys playing with the shepherd gal next door, in addition to his little, human buddy.


GINGER: Was an owner turn-in because she repeatedly dug her way out of the yard.  This 1-1/2 year old, spayed, gentle, timid, female Golden is a diamond in the rough.  Ginger is quite submissive and will quickly go belly-up when meeting other dogs, and sometimes when approached by people.  Her shots have been updated and she is learning some basic obedience.  Ginger's ideal owner came along in the form of Tracey and Mitch of Newhall, CA.  Along with their three children this affectionate, friendly, encouraging family is exactly what Ginger needed.  Finally, this gal has found an environment that will let her shine!  Update:  Ginger has moved her way from the training crate to the master bedroom at night and is doing great with her potty-training! 


Ulysses-Virginia.jpg (29236 bytes)ULYSSES: Now known as Duffy, is a 5-year old, neutered, dark red, male Golden found wandering with Virginia (foreground).  A fun-loving, affectionate, 77-lb. fellow, this boy loves to play fetch and rub against you in a plea for more petting!  His light brown eyes give him a unique appearance.  A growth on his leg was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor.  It was removed, and his future looks very promising. Judith of Palmdale, CA fell in love with this big, baby boy upon their first meeting and decided she would give him a wonderful home, regardless of the surgery results.  Duffy now shares his days relaxing with his two, new siblings, Sally & Molly (Golden & Mini-Schnauzer) while waiting for Mom to return home from work.   Once she gets there, it's play and pet time - just what he's been looking for!


Xanthos on hearth.jpg (25882 bytes)XANTHOS: Was a stray at a local shelter.  1-year old, this sweet, funny, neutered, male Golden is a true treat to be around.  Upon meeting our resident dogs, Xanthos gave each one a kiss before bouncing across the yard in an invitation to play.  From across the continent, Tammy & Doug of Middleton, CT fell in love with this angelic boy, finding his outgoing personality a perfect match for theirs. It took some doing, but with determination and perseverance, Xanthos has flown to his new town and is already a star with his owners!  Just check out his own web page - created by Dad Doug.  Proof positive that love knows no boundaries...the little Xan-man has made it home.


Axle-1.jpg (22814 bytes)AXLE:  Now known as Ooker, is a 1-year old, neutered, Golden-mix stray from a local shelter.  Very shy at first, this blond boy warmed up wonderfully with patience, gentle words and a loving touch.  He is good natured, fun loving, and very vocal.  He loves to bark while playing with the other dogs!  We aren't sure what he is mixed with, it may be Samoyed as his fur is quite white & he has the beautiful black eye & lip liner that adds to his good looks.  Shannon & David of Los Angeles, CA took one look at that handsome face and knew he was the dog they'd been searching for.  They plan on taking him hiking, camping, on jobs & errands - as an adored companion & family member.  Now, this fuzzy, cuddly fellow is enjoying a home where he is very much loved and doted on...something he's been waiting a lifetime for. Update:  Ooker loves to visit his local dog park where he takes long hikes & splashes in the stream with his canine friends. His new pics (see photo album page) look awesome!


Bear-3.jpg (35182 bytes)BEAR: Now known as Winston, was an owner surrender due to financial hardship.  This 6-year old, plump, funny, friendly fellow is a real treat! He is neutered and current on all his shots.  Winston had been an outdoor dog all of his life, waiting for an owner willing to housetrain him and let him be the end-all companion on four legs!  This cuddly boy loves to have his back scratched and will rub against you in a plea for some more loving.  And who can resist that adorable face?  Not us!  Maureen of Manhattan Beach, CA couldn't resist either.  She and her Chow-mix, Chelsea, have fallen head over heels for this regal boy, and he is happily basking in the new-found love and attention.   His name now reflects his new status as ambassador of the breed to all who are fortunate enough to greet him on their walks along the beach.


Isaac.jpg (34264 bytes)ISAAC: Now known as Murray, was an owner surrender from a nearby shelter.  Turned in because he was too active for the young children in the family, this 1-year old, neutered, red, male Golden is a handsome, friendly specimen.  Murray did wonderfully when meeting our resident dogs, and his friendly, fun-loving nature quickly won us over.  His ideal owner came in the form of Gail from Sherman Oaks, CA.  She was looking for a dog who needed her, and was willing to devote a good amount of time bonding with him and working on his obedience.  Having been an outdoor dog, he was not given the chance to truly bond with his previous people.  Gail is fully prepared to help him reach his full potential as an ideal companion. The best part is that Murray has been waiting for his chance to prove he can be all that, and more!  Recent talks with Gail confirm that our red-headed heartthrob has not let her down.


Flan2.jpg (37199 bytes)FLAN: Was an owner surrender due to relocation.  This wonderful, spayed, housebroken, 6-year old, medium gold, female Golden got along well with our resident dogs, preferring to stay on the fringes of the activity yet dipping her toe in every now and then.  She loves to go for car rides and has a beautiful, expressive face.  William & Olga, and their two children, from Palmdale, CA felt that Flan would fit wonderfully into their loving, active home.  Though a bit shy at first, she has been warming up wonderfully, and discovering the joys of a child's love.  Flan now has the adoration of four people - all to herself - a dream come true for this lovely, gentle gal.


Mom & Son.jpg (28337 bytes)VIRGINIA: Now known as Sienna, is a 9-year old, spayed, dark red, female Golden that was found wandering with Ulysses (pictured on right).  Sweet, docile, and affectionate, this 53-lb. girl lost the sight in one eye, but not the eye itself.  This did not slow her down and she still loved to wrestle with the younger crowd here. Sienna needed a loving, patient, and dog-savvy owner who recognized her potential as a truly wonderful companion.  Enter Maureen & Robert of Calabasas, CA.  Maureen was looking for a dog that needed a loving home, and became enamored with Sienna upon meeting her.  Today, Sienna is learning to live with the resident cats, has a new fan in the form of Duke, a resident German Pinscher, and is basking in the love and affection generously doled out by both Maureen and Robert.  Update Dec 2002:  Sienna was lost to cancer.  A wonderful & quirky gal, she will be missed dearly by Maureen & Robert.


Carmel.jpg (36466 bytes)CARMEL: Now known as Declan, was turned in to the shelter by his owner.  Very shy, he may have been treated harshly in his prior home, but his eagerness to love and trust was very evident.  The vet found a huge foxtail embedded in his right ear and two more in his left ear, as well as almost 100 small foxtails from between his toes!  We felt that this 5-1/2 year old, neutered, blond, mellow, sweet young male needed a home with someone who is very loving, patient, and gentle themselves.  Enter Peggy & John of West Covina, CA.  This couple was a perfect match, and looking to adopt a Golden that required special attention.  Now, Declan is embracing a new kind of lifestyle full of love, gentleness, and encouragement.&nbsnbsp; Yet another Golden that has found his way home. Update: Declan is drawing compliments everywhere he goes and has learned to enjoy walks, outings, and meeting new people!

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