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Fosters who have found their permanent homes - page 3

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Major.jpg (33948 bytes)MAJOR: Was an owner surrender to a local shelter because his owners were moving.  This handsome, red, neutered, 3-year old, male Golden is housebroken, very friendly, and reported to know some hand signals (though we have no way of verifying this).  Major's ideal home came in the form of Lori & Frank of Oxnard, CA.  They, along with their two school-age children, offered generous amounts of love, quality time, and plans for training.  A true ambassador for his breed, Major has already visited his new boy's classroom, the local park, and has a host of other appearances pending!  A ham through and through, this hunk is not only a star at home, but is quickly gaining popularity among all those he meets, too.


Hobo.jpg (29195 bytes)HOBO: Now known as Harrison, came to us as a stray transferred by a local Humane Society.  This blond, neutered, approximately 6-year old, male Golden is an absolute gentleman.  He is housebroken, gets along well with other dogs, knows some basic obedience, and is very well-mannered when riding in cars.  His initial vet check revealed dual puncture wounds in his right eye, and blood work confirmed that he does have hypothyroidism, a lifelong and easily treatable condition.  George & Jennifer of West Hollywood, CA fell in love with Harrison's awesome personality, and he did likewise.  Now, this mellow fellow is keeping his couple busy with belly rubs, snuggles, and even a touch of agility training!  Update: It has been confirmed that Harrison has lost vision in his injured eye, but this outgoing fellow continues to move forward. He's now preparing to train as a therapy dog! 


Buddy-3.jpg (30830 bytes)BUDDY: Was an owner turn-in.  This 6-year old, neutered, adoring, well behaved, housebroken, obedience trained, mystery Golden boy was originally found as a stray on the street.  This handsome golden won the hearts of a wonderful, mother-daughter team, Betty & Betsy of Claremont, CA.   These two lovely ladies were looking for a loyal, loving, obedient golden to be a cherished member of the family, which is exactly what Buddy was hoping to be! He now takes turns between strutting down the street with Mom on their daily walks, or lounging on his overstuffed bed while playing with his multitude of toys - truly Heaven on earth for this boy.


Dylan.jpg (34748 bytes)DYLAN: Came to us as a stray turn-in.  This 8-year old, neutered, male Golden was in very poor shape when found. He is an absolute doll; sweeter than sugar! Starved for attention, he trembles, whimpers, & leans against you when you praise and pet him. Yet, he seems to know some basic obedience, is social with other dogs, and appears to be housebroken.  Dylan's ideal owner came in the form of Cary & Tina of Culver City, CA.  They loved Dylan's mellow temperament and friendly personality.  These days, Dylan is part time playmate to their young daughter, and full time companion to Mom & Dad - a wonderful combination! Update:  See Dylan's holiday 2001 pic on our album page!


Kona.jpg (17189 bytes)KONA: Now known as Buddy, was a stray at a local shelter.  This young, red, neutered, 94-lb. male Golden was estimated to be between 2-3 years old, and showed evidence of being a die-hard rock and stick chewer as he was missing several teeth.  He came with lick sores on his forelegs, a condition caused by obsessive licking while bored.  This is a habit that, while not serious, can be difficult to break.  His ideal home needed to be one that offered a lot of interaction and play, incorporated with training, to keep this boy busy.  Enter Arlene and her twin boys of Woodland Hills, CA.  They fell in love instantly upon meeting this handsome fellow, and Buddy began acting as though he'd been there all his life.  With two young boys to keep him hopping, we're pretty certain Buddy's days of boredom are history!


GORDY: Now known as Astro, came to us from a county shelter.  This 29 lb. boy will grow up to be a petite, blond/white, male Golden-mix doll!  This little guy is full of spunk and love, and we are certain that he is an ideal candidate for advanced obedience, if not agility.  John & Patrice, along with their daughter, of Redondo Beach, CA were looking for a very bright, active and affectionate canine, and found a match in this young male. Now, Astro has a young owner that is determined to help him achieve all that he's capable of, and he has someone to lavish all his love upon.  A happy ending for a very happy pup.


Hugo.jpg (22456 bytes)HUGO: Now known as Gordy, was an owner surrender.  This miniature, 23-month old, male, neutered, Golden-mix is an absolute sweetheart!  This lonely boy was turned in to us because he would jump onto the top of his previous owner's 5-foot block wall, then walk the top of the wall to get into a neighbor's yard. However, he has been like Velcroâ„¢ with any available human here, choosing to stay quietly close as much as possible.  Enter Scott of Hollywood, CA.  He fell in love with Gordy's quiet personality and blond good looks.  These days, Gordy is being spoiled by the attention and care he receives from Scott, and Scott is enjoying watching this munchkin come out of his shell. A perfect match!  


Luna.jpg (26999 bytes)LUNA: Was an owner surrender.  This blonde, 11-month old, spayed, female Golden was left in the backyard of her original home, untended, for months before being offered to a neighboring couple.  Aghast at the condition of this lovely girl, the couple brought her health up to par and provided some much needed bonding and training.  Luna is a beautiful, lively, friendly young gal who needed a loving, nurturing, patient home to call her own.  Colby & Stella, along with their daughter, in Palmdale, CA offered to provide the gentle training and guidance, as well as ample bonding & play time, that this formerly neglected gal needs to become her best. Already showing herself to be a very clever girl, Luna is thriving in her new home and we expect to hear of some wonderful accomplishments in the future. Update:  Luna is doing beautifully in her obedience class and has improved leaps and bounds in her transition to golden perfection!


Mimi-2.jpg (20876 bytes)MIMI: Now known as Zoe, was turned in to the shelter by her owners for being disobedient.  This 6-month old, cream, spayed, female Lab/Afghan mix is a delightful pup with a frisky, fun-loving attitude.  She loves to play with the other dogs in residence and enjoys a good, fast game of chase with the younger ones. Stacy of Palo Alto, CA fell in love with this pup's leggy looks and big, brown eyes and set out on a venture to see her in person.  The meeting was a success!  On the long trek home, Zoe behaved beautifully - making the trip delightful for her new mom.  These days, Zoe has Stacey's undivided attention, not to mention a pond full of fish to wade in and an occasional squirrel to chase, plus all those beautiful flowers in the garden to smell!  Update:  Stacy wrote us to let us know how wonderful this little gal is!  In her words, "I can't tell you just how perfect she is - she fits into my life so well.  She is so sweet, curious, gentle and funny around the house ... then, out in the world, she is very well behaved and energy appropriate to her environment.  At the doggie park, she runs circles around everyone, chases dragonflies, bird shadows, balls, and all the other dogs.  At the local cafe, she sits calmly and quietly for up to 1/2 hour like a perfect little lady!"  Guess she wasn't so much disobedient as she was lonely.  Thank you, Stacy, for giving her your heart and home.


Maddy.jpg (38038 bytes)MADDY: Was abandoned by her owner at a local shelter. This 6-year old, dark gold, spayed, female Golden was left behind when her owner refused to pay fines due on her expired license.  A loving, friendly, very needy girl who has ample hugs & kisses to share, she won the hearts of Margie and Gerry of Valencia, CA who were looking for a golden to love after losing their beloved Brandy.  Maddy has fit the bill wonderfully, and she is basking in the love and attention that her new owners shower upon her, no longer alone or abandoned.  This girl is home for good!  Update Jun 2003:  Sad news...Maddy was lost to severe and frequent seizures thought to be brought on by a brain tumor.  She was a delightful girl who brought much joy to her family.  We miss you, Maddy!   


NELL: Now known as Mandy, was a stray at the shelter.  This 4-1/2 year old, red, spayed, female Golden is very docile, sweet, affectionate, and appears to have been previously crate trained.  This gal was looking for someone to love her, and is very showy with her affection in return!  Karen and Dennis of Simi Valley, CA adored this Golden's gentle nature and felt she would fit perfectly into their family.  Mandy has not disappointed them, adoring both of their daughters and being quite the lady amongst them.  In true Golden fashion, Mandy has blended seamlessly into the scene as both adoring companion and gentle playmate.  Update:  Mandy has a holiday 2001 picture on our album page! 


Emmett-sit.jpg (27826 bytes)EMMETT: Was found as a stray. This updated picture shows how beautiful he is after blowing his outdoor coat!  A 2-1/2 year old, neutered male, he is quite the character. Emmett knows basic commands, including speak! In fact, he's quite the talker if you talk TO him! He is housebroken and gets along well with the other dogs. Unfortunately, the vet check revealed serious hip dysplasia & atrophying of his rear muscles. Because of the severity, Emmett will undergo hip surgery, thereby improving his quality of life & with it, his expected lifespan! We established the "Emmett Fund" to raise the necessary monies for this operation & give this loving, fuzzy clown a new lease on life. As of August 1st, 2001, we had received $2,040! Allen, his wife Maureen, and their daughter, Colleen of Rancho Santa Fe, CA fell in love with Emmett's winning personality.  They kindly offered to adopt him and pay the balance of his surgery costs, ensuring that Emmett would get his new hips, and that new lease on life. Click here to learn more!


Piper.jpg (19820 bytes)PIPER:  Was an owner turn-in.  This blonde, 10-month old, spayed, precocious pup was given up when her family moved.  She is very social, loves attention, insists on sleeping in bed and will wake you with a kiss in the morning.  Tim and Marilyn of San Francisco, CA fell for her at first sight. Looking to find a new love after losing their precious golden several months ago, Piper fell quickly into step with their lifestyle cementing the new relationship, and giving her humans a lift in spirits. This girl now has two people to shower her with kisses in return for the many she generously shares with all!  Update:  Piper loves romping at the dog park by the bay, and has made numerous friends in her travels about town!


Quade.jpg (42166 bytes)QUADE: Was an owner turn-in to the shelter due to the family moving.  This 2-year old, medium gold, neutered, male Golden is a baby at heart.  His ideal home will be one that offers an abundance of quality time and affection with his humans, and an owner who is willing to provide ample training to help Quade blossom into the wonderful companion that he is so eager to be.  Enter Janet and Ken of Carmel, CA.  This delightful couple knew that Quade was destined to be the next ambassador for their art gallery and owner of their hearts. He recently attended his first obedience class and did wonderful, according to mom, Janet. Now a 'working' dog, Quade is loving every moment with his new family!  Update Dec 2003:  Quade is the official greeter at the family art gallery, and can now be seen on their web site, Silver Light Gallery!


Faith.jpg (25663 bytes)FAITH: Now known as Sproul, is a vivacious, friendly, spirited, young, blonde Golden. This 3-year old was a dynamo of activity while fostering here.  She was originally a stray from the shelter and was adopted a year ago.  Unfortunate circumstances brought Sproul back to us, and she blended well back into the group - playful and assertive as always.  She has been through basic obedience, is housebroken, spayed, loves people & gets along well with most other dogs.  Her ideal home came in the form of Darcy from Berkeley, CA.  An officer of the U.C. Berkeley Police Department, Darcy and her sergeant, Brenda, found Sproul to be an ideal candidate for their canine training program. Sproul was chosen as their first official bomb-sniffing dog!  We are very proud of this girl and wish her the best!  Darcy has promised to send updates in the near future, and pics of Sproul after her graduation.  Update:  Sproul is officially certified has been issued a badge!  We are hoping for pics of her in 'uniform' soon.


Jedi2.jpg (15971 bytes)JEDI: Is a gorgeous, red, neutered, 2-1/2 year old, male Golden that was a stray from the shelter.  This loving, friendly, fuzzy boy loves attention!  Quite the energetic boy, Jedi's ideal owner needed to be someone who is active, looking for a devoted companion, and who is willing to put in the time, love and positive training that this boy needs to achieve his best!  Enter Matt & Molly of San Bruno, CA.  This outgoing, active couple took an immediate liking to Jedi, and he to them!  Enrolled in obedience within his first two weeks with his new humans, Jedi is proving to be quite a student.  He has already made admiring friends in his new circle, and we expect to hear of many accomplishments as his confidence continues to grow in the capable hands of Matt & Molly.  Update:  Check out Jedi's photo album on the Internet at


Emma-sit.jpg (16953 bytes)EMMA: Was an owner surrender.  Very possibly abused in her first home, this gal was rescued by another family as a companion for the elderly mom.  However, Emma proved to be a bit too much for Mom, as well as showing fear aggression toward certain adults and children.  This 2-year old, spayed, blonde, adorable little Golden needed a home that would offer patient training and proper socialization.  Larry & Judy of Simi Valley, CA felt they had the right environment for this lovely diamond-in-the-rough, and Emma fell in love with them instantly.  These days, Emma enjoys oodles of attention and adoration from her new humans, sharing the house with Matilda, a senior Maltese-mix, and learning to play with the horses at home!  Her re-introduction to society will begin shortly.  In the meantime, Judy & Larry are enjoying the abundant love that is Emma. 


Rosie2.jpg (21382 bytes)ROSIE: Now known as Zoey, was an owner turn-in to the local shelter.  This 1-1/2 year old, dark gold, spayed, female Golden is a real sweetie.  Very friendly and loving, Zoey got anxious when you called her to you which sometimes resulted in submissive peeing.   Her ideal home would be one that offered daily affection and nurturing from her humans to help build her confidence & eliminate this problem! Zoey needed gentle, patient owners who were willing to introduce her to positive reinforcement training.  Enter Trish and Jeff of Northridge, CA.  This wonderful couple bonded immediately with Zoey, as did her new housemates Barney (13-year old Golden) and Sammie (8-year old cat).  Now, Zoey is basking in the wonder of love and affection from her new owners, and Barney is smitten with his new playmate!


Spencer.jpg (27970 bytes)SPENSER: Was an owner turn-in.  This small, neutered, 1-1/2 year old, medium gold, male Golden/mix climbed the 5' fencing to bark at passing riders along the bridal trail.  At times he also liked to 'door crash', slipping through an open door when chance permitted.  This adorable little boy needed a home with a diligent owner who offered lots of love and attention!  Jim and Lisa of Newbury Park, CA felt that Spenser would be a wonderful fit with their teenage son and two dogs.  They were right!  Spenser has adopted Jimmy (the son) and found a partner in crime in Casey (1-year old Golden). Even Charlie (10-year old, grouchy Yorkie) is warming up to the irresistible power that is Spenser! Update: Spenser has holiday pics posted on our album page.


Rocket.jpg (26700 bytes)ROCKET: Was a stray from the local shelter.  This handsome, 5-year old, neutered, dark gold, male Golden is a docile sweetheart.  He knows "sit", "down" & "shake".  Rocket's ideal home is one with a gentle owner, lots of play and quality time, positive reinforcement training, and no small children.  Deborah of Santa Clara, CA felt that Rocket would be a wonderful companion for her 8-year old son.  Rocket agreed, and now the two are fast friends! The only problem is that Rocket must sometimes decide whether to follow Mom into the kitchen, or the boy out to the yard.  Update: Check out Rocket's 2001 holiday photos on our album page.

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