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Fosters who have found their permanent homes - page 4

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Tessa2.jpg (48987 bytes)TESSA: Was turned in to the shelter as a stray.  This adorable, friendly, 8-month old, blonde, spayed, female Sheltie/mix (originally thought to be a Golden mix, of course) charmed all of us with her spunky nature and frisky antics!   Patricia and her college-age son, Patrick, of Savannah, GA knew immediately that Tessa was the dog they'd been searching for and they set out to make her a southern belle.  Well, it was a success!  Tessa spends her days romping about with Patrick or her new housemate, Hailey (18-month old Golden mix), and her nights are spent relaxing with Patricia.  This little gal is well cared for, as any southern belle should be.  Update Jan 2004:  This gal has turned into quite the regal lady - except for her love of snacking on certain amphibious wildlife...eeewww.  Her coat has turned out to be more like an American Eskimo's than a sheltie's - and she is simply beautiful.


D020212.jpg (145117 bytes)JOEY: Was an owner turn-in due to allergies in the family.  This 2-year old, gold, neutered, male Golden/mix is a frisky, funny fellow who loves to romp around the yard at full speed!  Stacey & Les of Palmdale, CA felt that Joey would be the perfect compliment to their first Gold Haven adoptee, Comet, and how right they were!  Both dogs romped through the backyard during their play date, scattering birds and rustling the bushes like pros.  Joey will now join this active family on their backpacking trips, enjoy the camaraderie of a fun loving friend, as well as the affection of a devoted family (well except for maybe Sara, the cat). 


0328200207.JPG (115101 bytes)GABRIEL: Was an owner turn-in due to the family moving.  This handsome, gold, 5-year old, neutered, 80-lb, male Golden is a delightful companion!  He gets along well with other dogs, has had basic obedience training, and is a content, well adjusted, friendly fellow who is used to having his teeth brushed, ears cleaned, being bathed, loves to play and romp, and thoroughly enjoys being groomed.  Gabriel's ideal home arrived in the form of Kelly & Jill, and their young son, from Newbury Park, CA.  Offering ample quality time, a continuation of positive training, fun outings, and lots of play, Gabriel now enjoys this young family's attention and affection as any Golden should!  


Brandi.jpg (99919 bytes)BRANDI: Was an owner turn-in due to the family moving.  This 7-year old, spayed, gold, female Golden mix is an absolute sweetie!  She was an outdoor only dog who eagerly learned the ropes of indoor behavior, was crate trained, and loving!  This adorable, funny, wiggly mound of fur was looking for a home that offered oodles of love, positive training, and lots of good times.  She found a wonderful match in Lorrie and her two sons in Wrightwood, CA.  This threesome was looking for a gal just like Brandi to blend in with their 13-year old Golden, Brandon, and to be an additional playmate for the boys.  Finally Brandi is a cherished member of a loving home, and enjoying every moment!


Chopper.jpg (46139 bytes)CHOPPER: Now known as Strider, was an owner turn-in due to the family moving.  This 2-year old, neutered, gold, male Golden Retriever is a sweetheart!  Housebroken, partially trained, and friendly with dogs, cats, and horses, this boy was used to roaming and had an unreliable recall.  His ideal home came in the form of Dennis & Kathleen of Newhall, CA.   They knew they'd have to be diligent about keeping him close plus provide quality bonding time, training, outdoor activities together, and even share the loveseat!  Now, this handsome, funny boy has a few feline friends to play with (if they'd just quit hiding), two humans who absolutely adore him, lots of toys, and he even gets to snooze on the bed - when Dennis gets up that is.  What a life... Update: Strider has begun obedience class and is doing great!  He visited the beach for the first time, but opted not to try the water ;-).


Utah3.jpg (59002 bytes)UTAH: Now known as Buddy, was found by animal control wandering the desert. This 12-year old, dark gold, neutered, male Golden was a complete mess!  His tail was choked with stickers and he was so flea-infested that his bath water literally ran black with flea bodies at the groomer's!  He loves to have his face scritched, and even gives a tentative jump when feeling especially frisky.  Buddy's ideal home came in the form of Larry & Laura of Palmdale, CA. This couple wanted to give a needy dog a loving home, and Larry felt an instant bond with Buddy.  Now, he gets all the scritches he wants from Larry & Laura and their teenage daughter, & he even has a playmate in Hershey, the resident Lab/mix.  


A030203.jpg (85178 bytes)SAM: Was an owner turn-in due to lack of time.  This 20-month old, gold, neutered, male Golden is an energetic, playful, sometimes willful, and consistently funny goliath of a golden standing a full two inches over every dog here!  This handsome fellow's ideal home came in the form of Nancy & Bob of Mission Viejo, CA.   They were delighted to offer Sam lots of quality time, positive reinforced training, outdoor and social activities, endless hugs, pets and kisses, plus a friend in the form of Emily, their 3-year old golden.  Sam has already taken several hikes and made more new friends in his first two weeks at home.  He's even gone to Mom's work and managed to fit on the sofa with Dad & Emily. Now that's life!


Cubby.jpg (152691 bytes)CUBBY: Was an owner turn-in due to no time.  This 5-year old, female, spayed, red Golden is a sweetheart!  She is housebroken, has some obedience training, and gets along well with dogs, cats, and children.  Cubby's ideal home arrived in the form of Charlotte from Los Angeles, CA.  Charlotte was looking for a friendly, social companion who would keep Harlequin (her cat) company during the day, enjoy outings during  evenings & weekends, and occasional car trips to visit family up north.  Cubby was more than up for the task!  She has already had a small party in her honor, and Harlequin adores Cubby to the point of waiting for her at the screen door whenever Cubby goes outside. Family, friends & fun, what more could a girl ask for?


Hank.jpg (113641 bytes)HANK: Was a 2-year old, neutered, blond, male Golden turned in by his owners who were moving overseas.  Hank is housebroken and gets along with other dogs as well as children.  He loves swimming, riding in cars, hugs, roaming, and digging.  Ronnie & Terri of Hidden Hills, CA thought Hank would fit well into their family, and as a companion for their two daughters.  And what a fit it is!  Hank has gone camping in Yosemite, hiking, sleeps in the girls' room, and gets to cool off by swimming in the pool!  This Golden is in his own, personal heaven and loving every moment of it.


Felicity2.jpg (63751 bytes)FELICITY: Now known as Bailey, was a stray from the Carson shelter.  This petite, red, approximately 2-year old, spayed, female Golden/mix is a mini-dynamo weighing under 50 lbs.  X-rays revealed that her throat had sustained internal damage some time ago, which restricts her breathing.  Because of this, she requires moderate activity and her breathing monitored to prevent excessive coughing.  Ken & Karen of Costa Mesa, CA felt that Bailey would be a fitting addition to their home.  Their four children agreed, and Bailey now spends the day taking turns monitoring the children, mom & dad, or relaxing in her cushy bed where she can keep an eye on all that's happening.  This little gal is surrounded by love, and has plenty to keep her occupied! 


Brando w-ball.jpg (91043 bytes)BRANDO: Was a 16-month old, neutered, blond Golden Retriever turned in by his family that was moving overseas.  Brando was an outdoor only dog that quickly took to crate training & indoor living.  A social fellow, he needed positive training (lots!) plus an abundance of quality play & bonding time.  Justin & Karen of Buena Park, CA felt that their home offered a great environment for Brando, and they were right!  This semi-shy guy took to them immediately.  He enjoys nibbling on the blackberries that grow along the fence, playing fetch with his new humans, and joy of joys - he's now sleeping in the master bedroom! We expect to hear a lot of great things about this rascal in the future.  Update Jul 2004:  Brando is now living in Fullerton and going to work with Mom & Dad every day!  He enjoys long walks around the lake, and playing with his pals at the dog park.


Sadie2.jpg (62523 bytes)SADIE: Was an owner turn-in for health reasons.  This 3-year old, red, spayed, female Golden is an absolute doll!  X-rays and previous medical records showed that this robust gal has moderate hip dysplasia on one side, and an old knee injury on the other.  At 95 lbs. (about 35 lbs. too much), Sadie requires a diet and careful exercise regimen to help reduce the trauma on her affected joints. Renee & Jim, along with their son & daughter of Quartz Hill, CA had been waiting for the perfect dog for their home for over 2 years! They fell in love with Sadie immediately, and she with them.  Already working on her weight & muscle strength, this family has surrounded Sadie in a cocoon of love and extraordinary care.  Update: Sadie went on her first camping trip to the ocean and did GREAT!  Everyone fell in love with her - of course.


Damon.jpg (47136 bytes)DAMON: Now known as Murphy, was a stray from the Lancaster shelter.  This 18-month old, neutered, gold, male Golden is sweet, friendly, and adorable.  Murphy is smaller than most males, but his personality more than makes up for his stature!  Rex & Mandy of Los Angeles, CA fell in love with this handsome, outgoing little guy immediately - and so did their daughter!  Murphy wooed them with his gentle, affectionate nature and instantly became part of a loving, friendly, and outgoing family.  


Tucker.jpg (35412 bytes)TUCKER: Was an owner turn-in due to no time.  This 8-year old, neutered, gold, male Golden is a sweetheart!  In his prime, he won awards in obedience and qualified as a Canine Good Citizen.  Today, Tucker is a sprightly, affectionate, social fellow who craves oodles of attention and play time.  Chris & Marylou of Huntington Beach, CA felt that Tucker would be an ideal addition to their family.  Tucker blended in seamlessly and embarked on a series of fun adventures with his devoted humans.  There's the dog beach to explore, waves to play "keep-away" from, Frisbee runs in the park, towing Chris along on his skateboard, and keeping his new baby sister company as she plays with her toys.  March 2003: Tucker & Marylou passed the handler test given by the Delta Society - Tucker is now a therapy dog!  Photos here.  Update March 2004:  Sadly, Tucker was lost to cancer on March 1st.  He will be greatly missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.


Lily.jpg (30319 bytes)LILY: Was an owner turn-in due to changes at home.  This special needs, 5-year old, spayed, female, blonde Golden is a sweetie!  Housebroken, gentle, outgoing and sensitive, this golden needed a home that could provide high quality food, keep an eye on her thyroid level, and create a fun social lifestyle.  Heather of Corona del Mar, CA felt that she could offer Lily exactly what this gal needed.  She was right!  Lily has adjusted beautifully to her new home & human, loves to go for walks & visit friends, and will benefit beautifully from Heather's healthy lifestyle.  Lily is well on her way to becoming the toast of her new town. 


Yogi-shade.jpg (62670 bytes)YOGI:  Was an owner turn-in due to no time.  This spunky, 19-month old, neutered, gold, male Golden/mix is a frisky boy who loves to play and romp.  Yogi's ideal home arrived in the form of Tom from Newport Beach, CA.  An active & outgoing fellow, Tom felt he & Yogi would be a great pair.  These two took to each other like ducks to water!  Yogi now enjoys outings to the dog beach, romping with his Mastiff housemate, Bailey, and riding around town as he keeps an eye on all the happenings with Tom.  July 2004:  Tom & Yogi moved to Minnesota.  Yogi has discovered the joy of snow, swimming in the lake, and frolicking with skunks (eeeww).  Update Jan 2006:  Sadly, Yogi was lost on Jan 9th to injuries from a car.  His impish face & personality will be greatly missed.


Willow-face.jpg (34942 bytes)WILLOW: Now known as Daisy, was a stray from the Mojave shelter.  This special needs 4-1/2 year old, spayed, gold, female Golden is very sweet and timid.  Daisy gets along well with kids, cats, and most other dogs, but suffers from separation & fireworks anxiety.  This gentle gal also gets carsick on long rides.  Tom & Cassandra of Redondo Beach, CA thought that Daisy would be an ideal fit with their family.  Daisy has fallen in love with Tom, and adores Cassandra!  After a rocky introduction to the household cats, all is going well and Daisy has settled into her new home happily.  Cassandra is looking forward to future training sessions, and Daisy is wallowing in the individual attention and love from her new humans. Update:  Daisy recently traveled to the snow & had her first encounter with a lake.  She loved it!  Her owners say a trip to the ocean is next. 


Hercules.jpg (36143 bytes)HERCULES: is a handsome, neutered, 6-year old, gold, male Golden. This oversized boy has lived his entire life outside, but is very eager to learn the finer points of indoor living.  He stands at least an inch over every dog here and could stand to lose a little weight.  Lisa & Johan of San Gabriel, CA were looking for an oversized Golden and fell in love with Hercules instantly.  He won them over with his gentle giant nature and ruggedly handsome looks.  This is one dog who's hard to miss, and easy to get along with.  These days, Lisa & Johan have their hands, and hearts, full of 'gold' - and Hercules is quite content to keep 'em that way.  Update Jun 2004:  "Herc" has a new sibling!  Johan & Lisa recently had a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations guys! 


Taylor1.jpg (26092 bytes)TAYLOR: Is a 6-year old, neutered, male, dark gold, Golden.  This boy loves attention, gets along well with other dogs as well as cats, is housebroken, microchipped and a mellow fellow.  Alex & Elliot of Lancaster, CA were looking for just such a golden to add to their home, and to help boost their current golden, Lady's, spirits.  Taylor fit the bill beautifully and has blended into his new home without a hitch.  The brothers LOVE this boy, and so does Lady.  Taylor is having a blast soaking up the attention, and enjoying fun, social activities.


Lucky-3.jpg (57912 bytes)LUCKY: Is a special needs 2-year old, smooth-coated, yellow, neutered, male Border Collie/Golden(?) mix.  After more than a year & a half in our program, Lucky has ensconced himself securely in the hearts of everyone here and has won a coveted spot as a permanent rescue resident.  Now he'll spend his days herding a gaggle of goldens, practicing agility with Keenan, supervising all play sessions, and snuggling into any available lap.  This boy, once an abused puppy, is now an absolutely adored companion.


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