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Fosters who have found their permanent homes - page 5

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Shadow-face.jpg (54531 bytes)SHADOW: Was an owner turn-in to the Mojave shelter.  An 8-year old, neutered, gold/white, male Golden/mix,  this wonderful, sweet & handsome fellow had lived with the same family since puppyhood but was sadly given up when they moved.  Shadow gets along great with other dogs, cats and children, which is exactly what Holli & Dennis of Topanga, CA were looking for.  They, and their combined five children, found a perfect companion in Shadow and he found a houseful of loving people to keep him happy.  Shadow also gained new play pals in the family's cat, and another golden, Clyde. 


Gordon.jpg (25638 bytes)GORDON: Now known as Sunny, is a 6-year old, neutered, red, male Golden.  He gets along with cats, other dogs, and children.  Maggie and Dan of Quartz Hill, CA thought Sunny would be a ideal addition to their family.  Today, Sunny shares his new home with two other canines, Charlie & Emma, as well as Maggie & Dan's daughter, and a tortoise.  Quite the houseful!  Sunny weighed 114 lbs at his original vet check, and Maggie recently wrote us to say Sunny's down to 95 lbs! With obedience school about to begin, we expect to hear some fun stories about Sunny's exploits in class. 


Lark-face.jpg (44250 bytes)LARK: Now known as Sophie, was an owner turn-in due to not enough time.  This lovely, funny, 5-year old, dark gold, spayed Golden girl loves tennis balls and happily carries one with her throughout the house.  David of Carlsbad, CA was looking for an upbeat companion to brighten his days.  The two hit it off immediately!  Sophie is now learning the finer points of on-leash walking, and is currently working her way through obedience class.  Update May 2003: Sophie & David now enjoy occasional walks on the beach, morning jogs and, of course, games of fetch.  David shared a few photos with us - check them out here!


Lady-face.jpg (36956 bytes)LADY: Was an owner turn-in to the shelter.  This 3-year old, gold, spayed, Golden/Lab mix  is sweet, loving, a joy to be around, and an absolute gem!  David and Jennifer of Culver City, CA - along with their two daughters - thought so, too.  Lady blended right in with this young family, and hasn't looked back once.  She's loving all the attention and affection that the girls give her, and she will be adding an obedience class to her social schedule soon.  


Zander-closeup.jpg (26283 bytes)ZANDER: Is a 2-year old, blond, neutered, male Golden.  This affectionate, frisky, clingy fellow is a huge love bug, wanting to give hugs and be near you at all times.  Also somewhat shy and timid, Zander will need fun public outings and meeting new people in small doses.  Jef and Clair of Pasadena, CA felt they had what it takes to be a positive and nurturing home for this handsome blond boy, and Zander agreed!  Today, Zander is sharing his home with a small menagerie of creatures, and is having a blast splashing in his play pool with his new toys.  We hope to hear some wonderful updates on this adorable fellow as he makes new friends and explores the sites with his loving humans.


Stanley-sleepy.jpg (26313 bytes)STANLEY:  Was an owner turn-in with special needsHe is a handsome, 6-year old, male, neutered, blond Golden/mix who is friendly with everyone and everything.  Being an easy going fellow, Stanley's ideal owner would be of the same nature and temperament.  Nancy of Quartz Hill, CA fell head over heels in love with this gentle giant.  Being an experienced dog owner and very easy going gal, she was totally prepared to offer Stanley the care, diligence and lifestyle he deserves.  Stanley is once again "Lord Stanley"...both in his home and in Nancy's heart.  Update Feb 2004:  Stanley's seizures have increased.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that all comes out well for him. 


Chase-face3.jpg (42814 bytes)CHASE:  Was an owner turn-in due to no time.  He is an 18-month old, neutered, gold, male Golden with tons of personality and a gentle soul.  A complete love muffin, this youngster thrives on attention!  Recently diagnosed with elbow dysplasia, Chase needed an affectionate family that was willing to take extra precautions with his care.  Kim, Betsy and Travis of Los Angeles, CA fit the bill perfectly.  Chase is now enjoying regular, therapeutic swimming sessions with the whole family, cushy comfort to protect his elbow, and tons of love and attention to fill his heart.  Happily, this youngster will be spoiled and protected for many years to come.


Nina-face.jpg (36251 bytes)NINA: Now known as Daisy, was an owner turn-in.  This 10-month old, spayed, blonde, female Golden is an absolute sweetheart.  She gets along well with dogs and cats, yet can be possessive of her toys or chews with other canines.  Julie of Bakersfield, CA was looking for a sweetie to play with her handsome male Golden, Cody, to romp with the household cats, and to join her on outings to the river, family visits and other fun trips.  Daisy will happily fill her role as fun-loving play mate and travel companion, almost surely making new friends along the way.  Update Mar 2004:  Daisy lost her battle with cancer on March 22nd.  She will be greatly missed.


Jack-face.jpg (27336 bytes)JACK: Now known as Tobi, was an owner turn-in.  Tobi is a 3-1/2 year old, 100 lbs, neutered, dark gold, male Golden.  Previously an outdoor only dog, he adapted quickly to indoor life.  He loves to play fetch, gets along well with children, enjoys fun outings and needs obedience classes.  Kim of Dana Point, CA was looking for a furry best friend and fell in love with Tobi's handsome looks.  He has easily adapted to her lifestyle.  They now enjoy trips to the dog park, morning walks/jogs, and hanging out together. 


Shadow-girl.jpg (60227 bytes)SHADOW: Is a 5-year old, spayed, gold, 75 lb., female Golden.  This lovely Golden is a girl's dog, literally shadowing her female human throughout the house.  A social gal, Shadow was looking for a home with an outgoing and friendly owner.  She found the perfect match with Alyssa of Los Angeles, CA.  Now these two are having a blast working Shadow up to Alyssa's athletic hiking level, visiting old friends and making new ones, and enjoying quality time together.  Alyssa began spoiling Shadow from the word "go" and Shadow's loving every moment.


Maggie-face.jpg (17812 bytes)MAGGIE: Is a special needs rescue all the way from Alabama.  This 4-year old, spayed, gold, female Golden suffers from thunder and fireworks anxiety.  Her hometown has thunderstorms almost daily which has been miserable for Maggie, so her previous owner sent her to CA hoping that she would find joy and happiness in a mild, sunny climate.  Well, she has thanks to Larry, Priscilla & Jason of Poway, CA.  These days Maggie is enjoying outings to the local lake, hikes along the nature trail, and dining at a favorite sidewalk cafe!  Sunny CA agrees with this southern belle, and so does her new family.


Jordan.jpg (37099 bytes)JORDAN: Is a 2-year old, dark gold, spayed, female Golden.  She gets along well with other dogs, is unsure about cats, skittish in new places and around new people.  Jordan needed a gentle owner who will increase her confidence, provide basic training, fun outings, and make her an integral part of their daily life.  Hillary of Capistrano Beach, CA fit the bill nicely and fell in love with Jordan's perky personality.  Jordan is now sharing a home with Hillary and Cali (a fellow golden).  Her days are pretty active with morning jogs, social outings, play time with Cali, and making new friends.


Simba.jpg (33112 bytes)SIMBA: Is a 5-year old, gold, neutered, male Golden.  This sweet & gentle fellow is a doll!  He is housebroken, knows some commands, is good with dogs and children, and loves attention.  Carter & LuAnne of Ojai, CA thought Simba would be a wonderful addition to their family.  Simba has blended in seamlessly, winning the hearts of their two daughters, and the friendship of Thelma, their Lab-mix.  He has already started training class, and is doing wonderfully!  We hope to hear lots of good things about Simba's new life in the future.


Monroe.jpg (28993 bytes)MONROE: Now known as Sam, is a 2-1/2 yr. old, 75 lbs., gold, neutered, male Golden.  Sam was very submissive & skittish, especially around men.  Sam needed an encouraging owner, preferably one who works from home or has a canine buddy for him to play with during the day, plus fun social outings, a build-up of confidence, and positive-based training.  He found all of that, and more, in the form of Jim and Sally of Lompoc, CA.  This couple had multiple playmates ready for Sam, plus an abundance of patience, love and experience dealing with sensitive personalities.  Sam has begun to outdo even our best hopes under their care!  He spends his days romping, loving and enjoying fun outings...just as he should.


Oscar.jpg (21587 bytes)OSCAR: Is a 1-year old, blond, neutered, male Golden.  He loves to play and chew - and needed an owner who will provide training in a positive and encouraging manner.  This boy is somewhat submissive, very social, and loves to cuddle.  Paula and Tim of Bakersfield, CA felt that Oscar was just what they were looking for in a companion.  Oscar took to them immediately, and their teenage son as well.  We hope to hear lots of fun updates from this gang in the future!


Gigi.jpg (17299 bytes)GIGI: Now known as Trill, is a 2-year old, dark gold, spayed, female Golden.  She is extremely sweet, housebroken, social, and knows some basic commands.  Trill gets along well with other dogs and children, enjoys swimming, car rides and lots of attention!  Ruthann & Ron of Fresno, CA fell in love with this petite gal in a heartbeat, as did their other golden, Coda.  Trill has blended into her new home seamlessly and now has a blast romping with her new housemate, and going on outings with Ruthann & Ron.  


Buddy2-face.jpg (26179 bytes)Katey.jpg (29391 bytes)BUDDY & KATEY: Were owner turn-ins.  Buddy is a 2-year old, gold, neutered, male Golden.  Katey is a 1-year old, blonde, spayed, female Golden.  Both are sweet, affectionate, good with children, cats and other dogs.  Their ideal home came in the form of Eddie and Noelle of Burbank, CA.  Armed with lots of love, enthusiasm, two adoring children and an unconvinced cat, this couple has jumped into the relationship with both feet - and so have Buddy & Katey!  Already enrolled in obedience, trying to make friends with the cat, and loving on the children, this cuddly pair should be the most popular canines on the block in no time.


Skippy smiling.jpg (20022 bytes)SKIPPY:  Is a 5-year old, gold, neutered, male Golden/Chow mix.  He is a gentle, timid soul who needed an owner ready to appreciate this guy for the incredible companion that he is!  Joel and Andrea of Sunnyvale, CA fostered Skippy and fell in love with his gentle nature and adorable personality.  Along with Chelsea, their golden retriever, Skippy is now enjoying outings to the park, leisurely walks through the neighborhood, and trying to figure out the family cats.  Skippy is one very happy camper - and so are Joel & Andrea.


Magnum-face.jpg (26184 bytes)MAGNUM: Is a special needs fellow.  He's an 11-year old, 72 lbs., gold, neutered, male Golden - a handsome fellow who would love to play fetch forever.  Magnum has pancreatic insufficiency, which is a lifelong condition requiring enzyme supplements and a quality diet.  He suffers from separation, thunderstorm & fireworks anxiety but tolerates all well if indoors & near his people.  After several years of trying to find a loving home for this handsome boy, we've come to realize he feels safe and loved right here.  Magnum will be a permanent resident of the rescue, and will have many, many happy games of fetch to look forward to.   


Quest.jpg (38575 bytes)QUEST:  Now known as Rocky is a 2-year old, red, neutered, male Golden.  This handsome young male was rescued from a high desert shelter and came to us with a fondness for roaming free.  Rich and Mary Ann of Simi Valley, CA fell in love with Rocky's sweet disposition and striking looks.  In no time Rocky made himself at home, made friends with Ozzy, his new golden housemate, and won the hearts of the family.  Already a star in his obedience class, we expect to hear some fun and wonderful stories about Rocky in the future. [Update May 2004:  Rocky graduated class with honors!]

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