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Fosters who have found their permanent homes - page 6

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Raider.jpg (32531 bytes)RAIDER:  Now known as Ranger, is a 4-year old, red, neutered, male Golden.  This smaller sized male was rescued from a high desert shelter.  Frisky, loving and adorable, he was a dream come true for Dana & Dianne of Temecula, CA.  He's already had a party in his honor, and is making new friends daily!  It's pretty clear that Ranger is set to be spoiled - and we're certain it'll do wonders for his ever entertaining personality.  


Redford.jpg (41466 bytes)REDFORD: Is a 5-year old, blond, neutered, male Golden.  Like his namesake, this guy is handsome and a charmer!  Outgoing and playful, this robust golden won the hearts of Arlene and her twin sons of Woodland Hills, C.A.  A few years ago Arlene & her sons adopted one of our other wonderful goldens, Buddy, and they've been looking for another easy-going, fun loving partner for some time.  Redford fit the bill nicely!  We hope to hear some fun stories come back from this household soon.


Petey-face.jpg (23349 bytes)PETEY: Is a 5-1/2 year old, blond, neutered, male Golden.  Sweet, docile and somewhat clumsy, this gentle giant is blossoming beautifully with his new family!  His ideal home came in the form of Jerry & Lynn of Danville, CA.  They were looking for a loving and friendly dog to add to their home.  Petey fit the bill perfectly!  With plenty of love, fun outings and tons of attention to offer, this couple and Petey were a match made in heaven.  Petey has begun obedience class, made a new friend in the daughter's golden, and is charming all who meet him.  He's a happy fellow.  Update July 2004: Petey graduated as star of his obedience class!


CINDY: Is an 11-year old, spayed, 50 lb., red, female Golden.  This sprightly gal is an absolute love.  A sweet, docile, affectionate companion, and a good starter for first time dog owners.  Jeff and Debbie of Palmdale, CA were looking for a gentle companion to keep Deb company at home.  Cindy was the ideal match!  These days Cindy gets double the attention she was hoping for - days with Deb and evenings with Jeff.  Plus, she gets to enjoy tons of love from their families - a wonderful setting for such a sweet girl.  Update Nov 2004:  Cindy was lost to cancer on November 9th.  This gentle, funny gal was a delight to Deb, and she will be greatly missed.


CISSY: Is a 6-year old, gold, spayed, beautiful female Golden.  This lovely female is wonderful with children, social, playful, housebroken, affectionate, and aims to please.  Mark & Dayna of Visalia, CA were looking for just such a golden to add to their family.  It was love at first sight, and Cissy is now happily romping with the kids, making friends with Foxy (the cat), and enjoying regular outings.  Everyone is happy, especially this adorable golden who now has an entire family to love her.


Diggy-stand.jpg (31033 bytes)DIGGY: Is an 8-1/2 year old, neutered, gold, 82 lb., male Golden.  This handsome male is a riot!  Originally obese and suffering arthritis in his hips, Diggy also underwent surgery to remove a mast cell tumor from a rear leg.  David of Ventura, CA fell in love with this jolly golden, and has provided a nurturing home for Diggy's recuperation and "golden" years.   Already Diggy is enjoying social outings and fun times with his new human, and we look forward to many more stories in the years to come! 


Ian.jpg (29605 bytes)IAN: Is a 3-1/2 year old, blond, neutered, male Golden who is full of energy and raring to go. This gorgeous fellow has a high play and prey drive.  He lives to play fetch. Ian's ideal home offers lots of bonding, training, social time, as well as energetic activities & play.  Steve & Linda of Valencia, CA had such a home, and they fell in love with Ian upon meeting him.  Ian was ecstatic over their willingness to toss the ball, and Bodie (their resident golden) was happy to have a playmate.  Ian's sure to enjoy the fun outings, ample exercise, and oodles of attention with his new family.  


Trevor03.jpg (36933 bytes)TREVOR: Is a 2-year old, dark gold, neutered, Golden.  Somewhat hand shy, Trevor needed a home with a nurturing human.  David of Ventura, CA felt that Trevor would be a compatible addition to his and Diggy's home.  Now, Trevor and his fellow GH alumni are frolicking along with David, his daughter & granddaughter.  They're enjoying fun outings and getting lots of love.  We expect to hear plenty of fun updates in the future. 


Shasta.jpg (34996 bytes)SHASTA: Is a special needs gal.  This 18-month old, gold, spayed, female Golden suffers from separation anxiety and cannot be left outdoors alone.  Her ideal home came in the form of Norm & Monnie Jo of Indio, CA.  This wonderful, retired couple has taken Shasta into their hearts and is introducing her to the country club crowd.  Shasta now spends her days visiting friends, schmoozing with the neighbors, dining out, taking walks, playing with her new feline housemate, and soaking up lots of love!  We suspect the entire neighborhood will be smitten with Shasta before long.  After all, she's quite the sweetheart!


Rusty003.jpg (46081 bytes)RUSTY: Is a special needs Golden from Florida.  He's 4 years old, dark gold, neutered, and suffers thunder phobia with some separation anxiety.  Rusty needs a home where he can be indoors and supervised on stormy days.  Richard & Maryhelen of Castaic, CA offered such a home.  They found Rusty's handsome face and winning personality to be irresistible, as did their two teenagers.  Already exploring new places and enjoying fun outings, Rusty is having a blast playing ball at the park and meeting new friends.  We hope to hear plenty of stories and see lots of fun photos in the future.  


Ume.jpg (51573 bytes)UME (oo'-may) now known as Roxy, is a lovely blonde, 1-year old, spayed, female Golden who is quite a character!  Very affectionate, clingy, and playful, her ideal home came in the form of Al & Judy of Woodland Hills, CA.  This fun loving couple were looking for just such a companion to add to their family.  Roxy has been making friends ever since!  Already we've received new photos of Roxy and her family, and we look forward to many more as the years go by.


Simba-2005.jpg (47417 bytes)SIMBA: Is a 3-year old, gold, neutered, male Golden Retriever.  This handsome fellow is dog-friendly, initially shy around others, and has been known to roam if given the chance.  Jamey & Dean of San Francisco, CA were looking for a fun-loving, affectionate golden to add to their home.  Simba was looking for humans who would include him in a huge portion of their daily lives.  It's a match made in heaven!  Already Simba is dining out on the town, checking out the dog-friendly sights of the Bay area, planning vacations with his two humans, and making plenty of new friends.  He's a golden on the go - and having a great time.


Vega.jpg (28191 bytes)VEGA: Is a 19-month old, gold, neutered, male Golden with a gentle personality and an easy going temperament.  Friendly, sociable, and curious, Vega was looking for a home with fun-loving humans and an active lifestyle.  Along came John & Patsy of Santa Clarita, CA, along with their two teenagers.  All parties hit it off immediately, including Vega & Pooh, the family's other golden.  Vega is now snoozing in the master bedroom, hanging out with mom and Pooh all day, and having a fun time with the teens.  We hope to hear plenty of fun stories in the future from this boy and his family. 


Danny-Boy.jpg (38640 bytes)DANNY BOY: Is a handsome, gold, 20-month old, neutered, male Golden Retriever.  This frisky, active, mischievous male was looking for a home with active humans who wanted a constant companion.  Glenn and Elisa of San Gabriel fit the bill perfectly!  Having lost their previous Gold Haven companion to old age last year, this pair is once again ready to share their lives with a fuzzy friend.  Danny Boy has already made fast friends with the grandkids, and is anxiously awaiting his first camping trip.  We expect to see some fun photos of Danny's travels and new friends as time goes by.   


Snowflake.jpg (46610 bytes)SNOWFLAKE: Is a 2-year old, female, white, spayed, Golden/Samoyed mix.  This little girl is too cute for words!  She's friendly, affectionate, playful, fluffy (it's that sammie coat), gets along with dogs, is good with children and some other animals, and loves attention.  Danny & Erica of Altadena, CA were looking for a lively, outgoing companion.  Snowflake fit their bill perfectly, and she was quite smitten with Danny instantly.  She now enjoys morning jogs and evening play time with both her humans.  We're looking forward to fun updates and photos from this gal and her family.


Candy-down.jpg (55304 bytes)CANDY: Is a 5-year old, blonde, spayed, female Golden with a delightful personality!  She gets along beautifully with children, other dogs, and birds.  Candy was in need of a loving home where she could be a large part of her human's day.  Steve and Wendy of West Hills, CA fell in love with this wonderful girl, and felt she'd be an ideal addition to their family.  Candy is enjoying a loving couple's attention, and the company of a sweet, Siberian Husky housemate. 


Carrie.jpg (61386 bytes)CARRIE: Is a special needs golden from Texas.  She's 10-years old, dark gold, spayed, housebroken, microchipped, current on shots, and absolutely adorable!  Carrie is very thunder phobic and has been weaned off daily sedatives with good results.  She needs a home where she can be indoors and supervised during stormy weather, enjoy an active social life, ongoing training and the company of dog-savvy owners.  Thanks to Susan Harkness of Claire's Friends, Carrie met Larry and the two hit it off immediately!  Carrie is now living the good life with Larry of Santa Maria, CA and enjoying the fact that she has this great guy all to herself.  


KD-face.jpg (22756 bytes)KD: Is a leggy, beautiful, blonde, 3-year old, spayed, female Golden.  This wonderful gal is housebroken, playful, sweet and an obedience school graduate.  Her right hip will need surgery or replacement in the future.  KD's foster family, Allen and Maureen of Rancho Santa Fe, CA, fell in love with this frisky, funny gal.  Having pledged to sponsor her surgery, Allen & Maureen took it one step further and decided to make KD their own.  KD now has two new golden brothers, Emmett (a Gold Haven alumni) and Lucky, plus a host of other family members to love her.  She's in an ideal home with a fantastic couple, and we couldn't be happier for her and her humans.  


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